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Overall Player Ranking

Overall Player Ranking in fantasy football is one of the most important tools a fantasy football owner can have at his/her disposal in preparation for the fantasy football draft.  Players at each position are ranked in order of  their perceived value for the upcoming season.  There are a variety of factors that weigh into how each player is placed on the list.  Coaching changes, offensive and defensive philosophies, player personnel changes, injuries ... each of these areas will greatly affect a player's perceived value for the upcoming season and should be factored into the development of an overall player ranking philosophy.  At Fantasy Football Manifesto we consider  these factors in our prediction of offensive out put for the upcoming fantasy football season.   Click on the links at the left to see how we've ranked the top fifteen players for the categories of Quarterback, Running back, Wide receiver, Tight end, Team defense and Kicker.

2013 Top 15 Wide Receiver
Overall Player Ranking

         1. Johnson, Calvin - Detroit Lions
         2. Fitzgerald, Larry - Arizona Cardinals
         3. Johnson, Andre - Houston Texans
         4. Smith, Steve - Carolina Panthers
         5. Green, AJ - Cincinnati Bengals
         6. White, Roddy - Atlanta Falcons
         7. Welker, Wes - New England Patriots
         8. Nelson, Jordy - Green Bay Packers
         9. Cruz, Victor - New York Giants
        10. Marshall, Brandon - Chicago Bears
        11. Bowe, Dwayne - Kansas City Chiefs
        12. Wallace, Mike - Pittsburgh Steelers
        13. Jennings, Greg - Green Bay Packers
        14. Colston, Marques - New Orleans Saints
        15. Nicks, Hakeem - New York Giants

Quarterback Player Ranking
Running Back Player Ranking
Wide Receiver Player Ranking
Tight End Player Ranking
Team Defense Ranking
Kicker Player Ranking



The Fantasy Football Wide Receiver
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The Wide Receiver position in fantasy football is the asterisk that can put your team over the top as you're searching for that first elusive championship title. There are those that will tell you that serviceable receivers can be found throughout the fantasy football draft, that wide receivers are a dime a dozen.  If you look at your typical wide receiver stats from each of the past several years, it almost makes sense.  There's usually a clump of premiere pass catchers that are head and shoulders above the others, but after that group, the talent at wide receiver tends to become a quagmire of average talent with only few standouts.  The wide receivers that remain have fairly similar statistics, so in many cases there really isn’t a lot to distinguish one from the other.  This year's board is no different.  I'm seeing ten or twelve sure-fire studs.  After these premiere performers you have another ten or twelve average point producing prospects with that quagmire of mediocrity and uncertainty to follow.  In 2011, guys like Victor Cruz and Jody Nelson seemingly came out of nowhere to lead their teams in offense production.  Fantasy owners that snatched these guys up on the waiver wire were able to ride their coattails into the fantasy playoffs.  You also had your severe underperformers like Andre Johnson and Kenny Britt that burned owners who paid too high a price in the draft to select these guys.  The question you have to ask yourself for 2012 is, can you expect another year of elite production from the breakout performers of 2011 and can the former studs whose legacy may be a bit tarnished regain former glory?

The top ten guys generally have the capability to go for over 1200 yards and ten touchdowns.  The tier after these guys still looks solid getting 900-1100 yards and maybe 5-9 touchdowns, but then it really tails off.  If you can find a way to snag a couple of the top tier wideouts for your squad without hurting your picking at the other positions, I'd do it.  The other significant thing to mention about wide receivers is that rookie wideouts in some cases have an easier adjustment to the NFL game than at other positions.   Each year, one or two of the rookie wide receivers blossoms into a solid prospect that can be plucked from the waiver wire.  Also remember to keep your eye on the third year wideouts.  Wide receivers in their third year typically breakout and overachieve considering where they were drafted.  This year's class of third year wide receivers is unusually large.  Several key performers from last year are entering their third year in the league and should be watched closely as in the later rounds.  I have a feeling that this year could be breakout year for several of the Class of 2012.  Keep an eye on Dez Bryant in Dallas, Antonio Brown in Pittsburgh, and Eric Decker in Denver.  I'd also pay close attention to what Brian Quick (STL) does this preseason.  With a full offseason and training camp in the St. Louis Rams system he could be an intriguing fantasy prospect.

2010 Wide Receiver Position Assessment

Fantasy Stud - Andre Johnson
Andre Johnson should follow in the footsteps of Chad Ochocinco and legally change his name to "Prototype".   Speed, size, hands, route running, the seven year veteran out of Miami has the total package. His fantasy point per game average has ranked no lower than fourth since 2007. Combine that with the 100 plus receptions he’s notched in three of his last four seasons (He was on pace for 106 receptions in an injury shortened 07’) and what do you get? A stud receiver in standard formats and an absolute monster in PPR leagues. Despite a nine game 2007 campaign, he’s been very durable, playing sixteen games in five of his seven seasons. We’d love to see a few more trips to the end zone however, as Johnson has never had a double digit touchdown season in his career. More TD’s would just be icing on the cake though, as  “Prototype” carries very little risk, which is an increasingly rare and valuable commodity in the volatile world of fantasy football.

Fantasy Bust - Sidney Rice
Whether or not Sidney Rice builds on his breakout 09’ season or disappoints will depend largely on who suits up for the Vikings at quarterback. What Brett Favre was able to accomplish last season was nothing short of amazing but you have to wonder how long he can continue to perform at an elite level. The 40 year old quarterback will have ankle surgery this off-season if he wants to play in 2010. If father time catches up to him this season, it would come at serious detriment to Rice‘s fantasy numbers. Ex-Houston Texans backup Sage Rosenfels was brought in last season to be the likely starter.  His skill set would provide a rosier outlook for Rice than 3rd stringer Tavaris Jackson, but to expect the same kind of production with either Rosenfels or Jackson under center would be folly. A look at the production of Steve Smith or Terrell Owens from last season clearly demonstrates that a receiver's fantasy output often is only as good as the guy throwing him the ball. The fact the Rice’s value seems so closely tied to the health of a 40 year old Prima donna quarterback quite frankly scares the crap out of us. Buyer beware.

Fantasy Sleeper - Steve Smith (CAR)
What do Steve Smith, Calvin Johnson, and Greg Jennings have in common?  They are all supremely talented players with a histories of excellent fantasy production, who for whatever reason, posted disappointing numbers for their owners last season. In Smith’s case, the rapid and painful demise of Jake Delhomme’s career in Carolina was undoubtedly the cause.
Delhomme was beyond bad last season, the once potent connection that he and his number one receiver shared in seasons past was nowhere to be found. Frustrations and losses mounted until Delhomme was injured late in the year and Matt Moore took over as the starter. Smith found the end zone in three of Moore’s four starts demonstrating solid chemistry between the two, and that the 10 year vet still has plenty of gas left in the tank. Prior to last year, Smith had a string of four consecutive 1000 yard seasons that most likely would have been six if it weren’t for an injury shortened 2004 in which he played in only one game. Smith remains an explosive big play threat, and one of the best run after the catch receivers in the league. Last years mediocre numbers will push down his value, but Matt Moore will be an upgrade at quarterback for Carolina.  Owners who grab Smith at a discount this year will be very pleased with their return on investment.


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