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Overall Player Ranking

Overall Player Ranking in fantasy football is one of the most important tools a fantasy football owner can have at his/her disposal in preparation for the fantasy football draft.  Players at each position are ranked in order of  their perceived value for the upcoming season.  There are a variety of factors that weigh into how each player is placed on the list.  Coaching changes, offensive and defensive philosophies, player personnel changes, injuries ... each of these areas will greatly affect a player's perceived value for the upcoming season and should be factored into the development of an overall player ranking philosophy.  At Fantasy Football Manifesto we consider  these factors in our prediction of offensive out put for the upcoming fantasy football season.   Click on the links at the left to see how we've ranked the top fifteen players for the categories of Quarterback, Running back, Wide receiver, Tight end, Team defense and Kicker.

Top 15 Team Defense
Overall Ranking

                 1. New York Jets Defense
                 2. Green Bay Packers Defense 
                 3. Baltimore Ravens Defense
                 4. Cincinnati Bengals Defense
                 5. Pittsburgh Steelers Defense
                 6. Minnesota Vikings Defense
                 7. Denver Broncos Defense 
                 8. Carolina Panthers Defense
                 9. Dallas Cowboys Defense
                10. Washington Redskins Defense
                11. New England Patriots Defense
                12. Philadelphia Eagles Defense  
                13. Houston Texans Defense
                14. New York Giants Defense
                15. San Francisco 49ers Defense

Quarterback Player Ranking
Running Back Player Ranking
Wide Receiver Player Ranking
Tight End Player Ranking
Team Defense Ranking
Kicker Player Ranking



The Fantasy Football Team Defense
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To be quite honest, the fantasy football defense is easily the most overrated position in the draft.  As other fantasy owners waste their 4th - 12th round picks taking fantasy defenses early during our fantasy football draft, I'm licking my chops knowing that point producing prospects are landing right in my lap.  Taking a defense anytime before the last round of your draft is quite frankly a wasted pick.  Although I agree with the fact that the difference between the point production of the top fantasy defenses and the defenses in the bottom third of the league is significant, I've been doing this long enough to know that each year there are top five scoring fantasy football defenses available on the waiver wire.  Unless every team in your draft is selecting two or three defenses each, you can wait until the last round to grab one.  Regardless of which one you end up with, I would still suggest continuing to try to upgrade your defense on the waiver wire throughout the season. 

Typically other fantasy owners overlook the importance of upgrading their defense via the waiver wire, which accounts for the number of talented defenses that are always available each week.  In many cases,
since they've invested such a high pick in that particular squad, these owners stand by the defense they drafted and feel obligated to keep them even when point production is comparably too low.  The other option savvy fantasy owners have as they try to locate a Super Bowl defense is to pick up and play the defense with the best matchup of the week.  Look for offenses with rookie quarterbacks that make lots of mistakes and start the defense they are matched up with each week.  It can work quite well in a pinch.  Trust me, wait until the last round of your fantasy football draft to grab your defense.

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